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MortgagePoint, a pivotal creation by The Five Star Institute—renowned for DSNews and MReport magazine—stands at the forefront of delivering unparalleled industry insights, news, and connections. As a beacon for mortgage professionals, MortgagePoint offers an exclusive platform to elevate your brand, ensuring it resonates within the industry’s core.

Why Choose MortgagePoint for Your Advertising Needs?

Unrivaled Reach

Tap into a diverse audience of mortgage professionals actively seeking to stay informed with the latest trends, insights, and opportunities.

Strategic Impact

Benefit from our legacy of integrity, transparency, and innovation. MortgagePoint is not just about advertising; it’s about creating meaningful engagements and lasting impressions.

Comprehensive Solutions

From digital banners to native content and prestigious print materials to dynamic video campaigns, our advertising options cater to every need and budget.

Data-Driven Insights

Leverage MortgagePoint’s in-depth analysis and market intelligence to tailor your campaigns for maximum engagement and ROI.


Dive into the heart of MortgagePoint’s advertising ecosystem with our Media Kit.
Our Media Kit

A Gateway to Infinite Possibilities

Dive into the heart of MortgagePoint’s advertising ecosystem with our Media Kit. Whether you aim to launch a targeted campaign, enhance brand visibility, or forge strategic partnerships, our Media Kit is your all-encompassing guide. Explore a variety of advertising avenues designed to align with your business goals:

Display Ads & Native Content

Capture attention with visually striking ads or engage readers with content that speaks their language.

Email Blasts

Directly reach the inboxes of industry professionals, delivering your message right where it matters.

Event Advertising & Sponsorships

Position your brand center stage at premier mortgage industry events for unmatched exposure.

Specialized Resources

Utilize the REO Red Book and Black Book to connect with key industry players, enhancing your network and influence.

Digital & Print Advertising

Choose from a wide range of digital platforms and print publications to target your ideal audience effectively.

Tailored to Thrive

MortgagePoint is more than a platform; it’s a community where mortgage professionals thrive. Our personalized approach ensures your advertising journey is seamless, impactful, and aligned with the pulse of the industry. With enhanced machine learning and intuitive user journeys, every interaction with MortgagePoint is informative, relevant, and engaging.

Get Started with MortgagePoint Today

Embark on a journey to elevate your brand and drive business growth with MortgagePoint. Visit our Media Kit webpage to unlock the potential of strategic advertising in the mortgage industry. With MortgagePoint, your message is not just seen—it resonates.



Dive into the heart of MortgagePoint’s advertising ecosystem with our Media Kit.
Reach Your Target Audience

with MortgagePoint and Five Star

In the ever-evolving landscape of the mortgage industry, positioning your brand in front of the right audience is paramount.

MortgagePoint, in collaboration with Five Star Institute, presents an unparalleled opportunity for your business to connect with a highly targeted, engaged, and influential audience of mortgage professionals.

Unmatched Media Opportunities

MortgagePoint and Five Star bring together a suite of advertising options designed to maximize your brand’s visibility and impact:

Diverse Advertising Channels

To craft a message that resonates, choose from display ads, native content, print materials, video campaigns, email blasts, broadcasts, and premier event advertising.

Customizable Campaigns

With competitive pricing on run-of-site campaigns and the flexibility to create bespoke campaigns, you have the control to tailor your advertising efforts to meet your specific objectives.

Volume Discounts

Our volume discount offerings reward your investment across our channels over a 12-month period, ensuring the best value for your advertising spend.

Specialized Platforms

Amplify your reach with the MP Access Podcast, a favorite among mortgage professionals, and engage directly with your audience through sponsored webinars.

Print Advertising Excellence

Make a lasting impression with full-page, half-page, and two-page spread options in our renowned publications, with opportunities for guaranteed positioning to maximize exposure.

Targeted Resources

Utilize MortgagePoint’s REO Red Book and Black Book to connect with key decision-makers in asset management and default servicing.

Premier Networking and Engagement Events

Five Star Institute’s signature events offer unique networking and engagement opportunities, including Havana Nights Reception, Five Star Government Forum, Velocity: A Force Conference, and Legal League Spring Servicer Summit. These gatherings shape industry trends and forge future partnerships.

A Captive Audience Awaits

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With over 600,000 visitors and 1.8 million pageviews in 2022, our platform caters to an elite audience comprising directors, executives, and professionals who are key decision-makers in their organizations.

The demographic insights reveal an audience deeply interested in finance, real estate, education, and government, making MortgagePoint and Five Star the ideal platforms for your advertising needs.



Dive into the heart of MortgagePoint’s advertising ecosystem with our Media Kit.
Integrated Excellence

The MortgagePoint Advantage

As a unified platform combining DS News’s and MReport’s strengths, MortgagePoint stands as the indispensable hub for mortgage professionals nationwide. We aim to foster connections, collaborations, and meaningful conversations within the mortgage community. With integrity, innovation, inclusivity, and responsibility at our core, we offer a formal yet engaging tone that resonates with industry veterans and newcomers alike.

Advertising through MortgagePoint and Five Star positions your brand in front of an exclusive audience and aligns you with a trusted source of mortgage industry news, data, and insights. It’s an opportunity to be part of a community that values informed decision-making and strategic advancements.

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