Journey Through Time

The Evolution Of MortgagePoint and Five Star

Welcome to our timeline, a journey through the evolution of MortgagePoint and Five Star Institute. You’ll discover our rich heritage in empowering mortgage industry professionals with comprehensive, timely, and accessible information. You’ll witness the transformation of DS News and MReport into MortgagePoint, a unified platform that synergizes their strengths to offer a 360-degree view of the mortgage landscape. 

This page is not just a chronicle of our past but a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. So, whether you’re an operational leader, an asset manager, a fintech expert, or someone interested in the ever-evolving mortgage world, this timeline will take you on a fascinating journey of growth, resilience, and revolution.
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REO Magazine


Five Star Institute was founded and REO magazine Launched

The Five Star Institute’s journey began in 2003, with a vision to empower operational leaders within the mortgage industry. The same year marked the launch of REO magazine, an affirmation of FSI’s commitment towards this mission: giving individuals opportunities for stability and independence through owning homes.


Five Star Conference Event Launched

In 2004, the Five Star Conference Event was launched. This premier mortgage conference brought together industry specialists, hundreds of exhibitors, and thousands of participants from various backgrounds, such as servicers, lenders, federal government agencies, GSEs, financial services law firms, service providers, investors, and real estate organizations across the country.


Legal League 100

2007 marked the birth of the Legal League 100, the premier professional association of financial services law firms in the United States. With member law firms spread across the U.S., the Legal League 100 uniquely positioned itself to drive progress in the mortgage servicing industry.


REO Magazine Rebranded as DS News, DS News Website Launched, National Mortgage Servicing Association

In 2008, REO Magazine was transformed into DS News to better align with default servicing in the mortgage industry. The DS News website was launched to provide relevant news for the default servicing sector. This year also marked the establishment of the National Mortgage Servicing Association (NMSA), a nonpartisan organization driven by senior executive representation from the nation’s leading mortgage servicing organizations.


Five Star Government Forum Event Launched

The Five Star Government Forum Event was launched in 2010 to discuss the industry’s most pressing issues and work to find solutions together. It became a daylong gathering where mortgage servicing leaders and government agencies could engage in meaningful dialogue.


MReport Magazine and Website Launched, FORCE Membership Launched, FORCE Rally Event

2011 was a significant year with the launch of MReport Magazine and its website, providing the latest trends and news, creating a buzz in the industry. The same year, Five Star introduced the Federation of REO Certified Experts (FORCE) Membership and the FORCE Rally Event, further extending the network of professionals in the industry.


American Mortgage Diversity Council

In 2015, the American Mortgage Diversity Council was launched to promote diversity and inclusion throughout the mortgage industry. This platform facilitated the collaboration of mortgage industry leaders to advance diversity and inclusion dialogue.


Property Preservation Executive Forum

The Property Preservation Executive Forum was launched in 2016. This forum fostered discussions on property preservation and related topics, providing a platform for industry professionals to share insights and best practices.


Five Star Academy

In 2018, the Five Star Academy was launched. This academy offered educational resources for professionals in the industry, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the ever-evolving mortgage landscape.


MortgagePoint Magazine, Five Star Conference Celebrates 20th Anniversary

2023 marked the launch of MortgagePoint Magazine, a unified platform that brought together the best of DS News and MReport. This year also celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Five Star Conference, marking two decades of successful operation.

Women In Housing Leadership Awards


MortgagePoint Website

In 2024, the MortgagePoint Website was launched, providing a unified platform for mortgage professionals to thrive. This cutting-edge platform was meticulously crafted to empower mortgage professionals with extensive knowledge and insights into the industry.

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