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Welcome to The MP Access Show, your go-to hub for engaging, educational, and collaborative content tailored for mortgage industry professionals. Hosted by Robert Wilson, Vice President of Experience for Five Star, our mission is to make complex topics simple and provide you with clear, actionable, and enlightening content.
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Featuring a diverse mix of thought leaders, visionaries, and educators, The MP Access Show keeps you updated on the latest trends, policies, and educational initiatives impacting the mortgage industry.

Making Complex Simple

The MP Access Show, presented by MortgagePoint, is built on the principle of “Making Complex Simple.” We understand that the mortgage industry can be intricate and challenging to navigate. Our show aims to break down these complexities into digestible, easy-to-understand content. By simplifying complex topics, we empower mortgage professionals to make informed decisions and contribute positively to the industry’s growth.

Why Listen?

Tune into The MP Access Show for exclusive insights from industry leaders, an educational perspective on market trends, and practical tips to enhance professional practices. We address critical issues, demystify complex topics, and provide a unique perspective on the evolving landscape of the mortgage industry.

Engage, Educate, Empower

The MP Access Show is more than just a podcast; it’s a platform for engagement, education, and empowerment. We bring together thought leaders, visionaries, and educators from the mortgage industry to provide our listeners with valuable insights and actionable advice. By engaging with our content, you’ll gain the knowledge needed to stay ahead in this dynamic industry and the tools to enhance your professional practices.

Be Part of the Conversation

The MP Access Show is designed to foster healthy discussions and inspire innovations in the mortgage industry. We believe in the power of conversation and exchanging ideas to drive industry advancement. By tuning into our show, you’re not just staying informed; you’re becoming part of the conversation shaping the future of the mortgage industry. Join us today and let your voice be heard.

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Delve into the world of mortgage trends and industry insights with our MP Access Show. Join us as we uncover the intricacies of the mortgage industry, one episode at a time.
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