Last Chance to Register: Taking an Empathetic Approach to Forbearance

On Wednesday, February 16, the Five Star Institute, in partnership with Sourcepoint, will present “The Human Touch: Why the Rise of Technology Still Requires Empathy,” from 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. CDT, the latest in the Five Star Webinar Series.

As new developments in technology are developed to assist mortgage servicers and lenders when it comes time to guide borrowers through financial hardships, the “human touch” and one-on-one interaction remains critical to the process.

Join Sourcepoint on Wednesday, February 16 as an esteemed group of panelists will discuss how taking an empathetic approach to forbearance can help smooth out challenging interactions and promote long-term customer loyalty.

Guest speakers include John Lawrence, EVP of Selene Finance; Patrick Coon, Mortgage Industry Consultant; and Stephen Staid, EVP of Mortgage Practice Strategy and Steve Schachter, EVP and Market Leader from Sourcepoint.

Lawrence, EVP of Selene Finance, takes focus on strengthening the servicing strategy and differentiating Selene in the space. Lawrence is a 25-plus-year veteran of the mortgage industry, and prior to joining Selene, served as President of BSI. Before that, he held senior executive positions at PIMCO, PennyMac, Wells Fargo, and IndyMac Bank.

Coon currently has his own company, and is actively working in the industry in a contractor role. Prior to starting his new career, he spent the last six years at HomePoint and Cenlar, as Senior Managing Director and SVP, respectively. Coon has been in consumer finance and servicing for more than 40 years, with the last 20 in the mortgage industry. Coon has also held executive and senior management positions with ServiceLink, Saxon, SPS, and JPM Chase.

Staid has nearly three decades of mortgage industry expertise, and has been a distinguished leader in some of the largest mortgage servicing companies and mortgage-related subsidiary enterprises in the world. Prior to joining Sourcepoint, Staid was with Gateway First Bank, where he was Chief Servicing Officer. Staid has held executive leadership roles at PHH, Bank of America, Lehman Brothers, and other multinational mortgage lending corporations.

As EVP and Market Leader for Sourcepoint, Schachter is tasked with leading the organization, deepening relationships with existing clients, adding new clients, and building Sourcepoint’s brand in the market. Schachter joined Sourcepoint in 2008, and has been an integral part of expanding Sourcepoint’s relationships with existing clients, consistently growing the client roster and exceeding revenue targets. He leads enterprise-level initiatives to create and implement the company’s portfolio of business process management, automation and analytics solutions. Prior to joining Sourcepoint, Schachter was Partner, COO, and CFO of Richmond Title Services LP. He was also a successful entrepreneur, having been part of leadership teams that launched two successful start-ups.

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