The Week Ahead: Exploring New Avenues in the REO Space

Set for Wednesday-Friday, March 27-29, the Five Star Institute will present the second annual Velocity event, a FORCE Conference, at the Grand Hyatt Nashville, located at 1000 Broadway in Nashville.

Tailored for professionals in REO and the adjacent markets, including agents and brokers, asset managers, property management, attorneys, and servicers, the Five Star Institute’s Velocity event will deliver lasting value to professionals seeking to excel in the industry.

An exchange of knowledge

The name “Velocity” emerged from the collective efforts and expertise of FORCE members wanting to share knowledge and strategies on building a business that has momentum and power. The event will feature seasoned leaders, who have not only successfully endured but have thrived in recent years, who will curate content and have assembled top-notch experts to empower attendees with the tools needed to propel their business forward.

The event will project what’s in store for the market in the coming years, offer new ways to strengthen the foundation of your business, and serve as an open forum to exchange ideas on REO adjacent revenue streams. The content delivered was designed to provide information for both veterans of the REO space and those new to the field. Velocity includes certification opportunities, six specialized classes, FORCE Connect, and one-and-a half days of panels, table talks, and learning labs.

Beyond receiving tools to advance your business at Velocity, you will acquire transferrable skills that not only enhance versatility but also contribute to expanding your market share. Each market cycle is different and brings new challenges and opportunities that you need to prepare for, and this next one will be no exception.

Exceptional educational offerings

In addition to the array of networking opportunities, Velocity offers educational opportunities through certification classes and a number of general sessions.

For an additional fee, attendees can learn more about the following topics:

  • Broker Master Class
  • REO Certification Course
  • Commercial REO
  • Flat Fee Real Estate Practices
  • Commercial Short Sale
  • How to Get and Keep HUD Listings
  • Relationships with Local Lenders
  • Uncommon Opportunities

Classes will be instructed by some of the top minds in the industry, including:

  • Jim Hastings of Hastings Brokerage Ltd.
  • Caslyn Huck of Never Settle Realty & Investment
  • Tamika Marks of Trademarks & Associates LLC
  • Sarah Richards of Spring Mountain Realty PLLC
  • Jeffery Shumaker of RE/MAX Agility
  • Jennifer Kuhn of JLK Sales Group
  • Tamika Marks of Trademarks & Associates LLC
  • Jesus Gonzalez of Liberty House Realty LLC
  • Michael Friedman of Lending Direct Mortgage Bankers

Velocity will launch with a Keynote Address from Bill Bymel, CEO & Chief Investment Officer at First Lien Capital over a delicious lunch. A real estate investor and broker for more than 20 years, Bymel currently serves as CEO of First Lien Capital LP, a privately owned distressed mortgage investment platform he founded in 2021 which owns 700-plus residential mortgages and REOs in more than 30 states valued at greater than $100 million.

Following Bymel’s Keynote, the day will continue with a number of general sessions, breakout sessions, and roundtable discussions geared toward taking your business to the next level, covering an array of topics, including:

  • If I Were in Your Shoes: Hear from REO professionals with decades of combined experience to draw on their knowledge and personal growth in REO to further your own success.
  • Beyond the Blueprint-Unconventional Approaches to Real Estate Success: Explore the vast landscape of real estate and REO to discover untapped opportunities beyond conventional boundaries. This session will guide you through innovative approaches and strategies, revealing how to capitalize on hidden gems in the market for unparalleled investment achievements, from REO investments to unique property developments.
  • Navigating Hedge Fund Decision Makers: With private equity becoming an increasingly important part of the REO market, we must find the best way to connect with the decision makers. This session will explain how to stand out and what you’ll need to do to become their preferred REO agent.
  • Exploring Flat Fee Real Estate Models: In this session, participants will learn lessons and discuss outcomes of what the flat fee real estate model means and the impact it can have on business.
  • Boots on the Ground: As the asset manager’s representative, inspections are key. Details provided help determine what’s necessary to make the asset a profitable investment. A panel of experts will show how your inspection is valued, and how you can use acceptable non-licensed team members (photographers, assistants, etc.) to assist with managing a number of assets.
  • Law & Order: REO: Legal entanglements can cost you time, money, and even assets. Members of Legal League will bring you the information you need to navigate these challenges. Come hear from a panel of experts on how to avoid costly delays and expedite ROI, while respecting the rights and dignity of all parties involved.
  • All Things Numbers: Responsibly handling an asset involves expenses. You should always be ready with the supplies, connections, and contractors necessary, but do you know all your costs? Keeping the full scope of costs in perspective is a priority, and necessary to keep your business profitable. Come find out how to maintain the financial health of your business and assets in your care with our panel of experts.
  • Commercial REO: Don’t be intimidated by entering a new segment of the market. Hear from professionals already working in Commercial REO on how to start and be successful in this new endeavor. Commercial assets present special challenges, preparation, and knowledge before jumping in are vital. You’ll leave this panel knowing how to apply your existing skills and experience to this growing segment.

In addition, a number of interactive roundtable discussions will be held exploring various facets of the industry, including:

  • Flat Rate Fees
  • Growing Your Skill Set Before Your Pocketbook
  • Grunt Work Before the Listings
  • Property Management
  • Repairs and Rehabs

Click here to access the full agenda planned as part of Velocity 2024.

The host venue, the Grand Hyatt Nashville, a downtown Nashville upscale retreat, is located within walking distance of The Gulch and Midtown. This Broadway hotel features one of the highest outdoor rooftop bars in Music City, a rooftop pool, a spa, and seven food and beverage experiences.

Click here for more information or to register for this event.

Here’s what else is happening in The Week Ahead:

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