Southeastern States a Hotspot for Interstate Moves

According to a new report from moving company PODS Enterprises, LLC (PODS), its fourth and latest Moving Trends Report covering the top 20 cities Americas are emigrating from and immigrating to found that for the second consecutive year, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Wilmington, North Carolina landed the top spot on the list. 

Carolinas and Appalachians become new hotspots as pandemic cities cool off

By the numbers, Raleigh, North Carolina jumped 14 places compared to the last time the list was published last year, coming in sixth in 2024. However, it is not just costal cities that are seeing an influx of new residents, the entire Southern Appalachian region is experiencing a boom, with droves of people using PODS to facilitate their move seeking “the quiet life” in states like Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. 

An ever-growing number of Americans are looking—or now calling—the Southeast home with the promise of lower costs of living, an exceptional quality of life, a multicultural food scene, access to nature, and vibrant metropolitan areas. 

This migration highlighted by PODS, shows the region’s broad appeal to those craving a more balanced lifestyle at a reasonable price point without sacrificing modern amenities and rich cultural experiences. 

By the numbers: Top 10 cites with the highest numbers of move-ins: 

  1. Myrtle Beach, SC / Wilmington, NC (1st in 2023) 
  1. Ocala, FL (4th in 2023) 
  1. Houston, TX (5th in 2023) 
  1. Greenville-Spartanburg, SC (10th in 2023) 
  1. Charlotte, NC (16th in 2023) 
  1. Raleigh, NC (20th in 2023) 
  1. Phoenix, AZ (18th in 2023) 
  1. Knoxville, TN (7th in 2023) 
  1. Jacksonville, FL (8th in 2023) 
  1. Asheville, NC (17th in 2023) 

“Last year, we noted the Carolinas were worth watching, and this year, they’ve not only taken the trophy as the number one spot for new moves but also broken a record,” said Rich Schwartz, SVP of Corporate Operations at PODS. “On the flip side, we’re continuing to see a throughline where expensive metro areas are prompting Americans to flock to cities and states where the cost of living is lower, and the lifestyle is more balanced.” 

Top 10 cities with the highest number of move-outs:

  1. Los Angeles, CA (1st in 2023) 
  1. Northern California (San Francisco area) (2nd in 2023) 
  1. South Florida (Miami area) (5th in 2023) 
  1. Long Island, NY (Serving parts of NYC) (4th in 2023) 
  1. Austin, TX (Not ranked in 2023) 
  1. Central Jersey, NJ (6th in 2023) 
  1. Chicago, IL (3rd in 2023) 
  1. San Diego, CA (14th in 2023) 
  1. Stockton-Modesto, CA (9th in 2023) 
  1. Hudson Valley, NY (11th in 2023) 

Click here for PODS full report. 

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