Five Star Academy Offering Discounted Education

The Five Star Academy (FSA) is an independent certification program with courses written by housing and mortgage industry experts. FSA features educational offerings covering regulatory compliance, legal practice, diversity and inclusion, and distressed asset disposition in an easy-to-use online format.

FSA has announced that it is offering a 30% discount on their educational offerings through Friday, July 19.

FSA’s curriculum blends the following to increase your industry expertise:

  • Online learning
  • Best practices
  • Industry participation
  • Proficiency exams

These programs are designed for individuals seeking the opportunity to broaden the scope of their professional education, as well as for corporate use to expand knowledge and improve performance among mortgage teams. FSA certifications ensure that those who have completed the coursework are thoroughly informed in the subject matter and equipped to provide a superior quality of service.

The courses provided are applicable to:

  • Financial services professionals
  • Individual and institutional investors
  • Legal professionals
  • Lenders and servicers
  • Mortgage professionals
  • Real estate agents and brokers
  • Service providers

Five Star Academy courses can be pursued in one of three ways, depending on your individual goals:

  • Independent coursework: Pick and choose the courses that are most applicable to your business, and then revisit or pursue other coursework as needed.
  • Certifications: When you complete all courses within a program, you will become certified in that subject matter.

FSA courses are designed to provide new skills, revenue streams, and paths for success. With the investment of an hour, classes offer insights, processes, and best practices from experienced industry professionals. Each course includes a video and handout, resources that can be referred to repeatedly.

FSA course offerings include:

Add the code “FSASummer30” to access the 30% discount on all of the Five Star Academy’s educational offerings through Friday, July 19.

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